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The Scientific Secret of the Female Orgasm!

My frequent collaborator Dr. Zhana has an amazing podcast that you may know, called The Science of Sex, and I recently re-listened to one of my favorite episodes from the very beginning about the female orgasm and clitoris. In this episode,…
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Have You Tried the PURE Hookup App Yet?

WANT IMMEDIATE, ANONYMOUS, AND SCANDALOUS SEX? ...Now that I have your attention, check out what we've got going on at the Casual Sex Project and find out how to enter for a chance to win free LELO toys and an Adventure Kit, all while…
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The Best $25 You Ever Spent for a Hookup

By Kenneth Play & Dr. Zhana ...... As many of you may know, our greatest passion in life is sharing with people accurate sexual knowledge and empowering them to have more authentic, more pleasurable, safer sex lives,…
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Synchronized Play for Simultaneous Feels: Epic Sex Toy Hacking with LELO

I’m so excited to share my experience with the LELO Tiani and LELO Hugo toys. As a sex hacking expert, the minute I saw these toys and figured out how they worked, my mind was flooded with possibilities for ways to use them together with a…
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The Adventure Kit

For Hooking Up Healthy! The Adventure Kit is designed to make your hook-up adventures safer, fresher, and more pleasurable. Based on all the #LegitSexScience we've reviewed, and all the Casual Sex Project stories we have read, we believe you'll…
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Casual Sex: Everyone Is Doing It

Check out the New Yorker’s piece, Casual Sex: Everyone Is Doing It, to find out more about my research project The Casual Sex Project, what it does, and how I got started on it!