My longtime friend and colleague, sex educator/researcher Dr. Zhana Vrangalova, is the featured guest this week on Dan Savage’s ‘Savage Love’ podcast, discussing female ejaculation, a.k.a. ‘squirting’. “Squirting is really having its moment,” says Dr. Zhana, adding that “It’s one of the most common questions I get… both men and women are interested in
learning how to squirt or make their partners squirt.”

And I can agree! Squirting isn’t just for porn, but is a fun skill that anyone can learn with the right techniques. It’s one of my favorite skills to teach, in fact! Dr. Zhana also spoke on the podcast about our squirting course together, calling me “a master of squirting”. I’m honored!

Dr. Zhana describes the scientific, yet still unknown, facets of squirting: “there really has been very little research on this,” outlining the two different types of ejaculation, and my emphasis on muscle control and ‘voluntary’ vs. ‘involuntary’ squirting. “People can have a level of control over their PC muscles – when to bear down or not bear down if you provide the right kind of stimulation to the G-spot you can get that liquid out, but also you can develop over time the control of how much, of when you want to let it out or not let it out.”

Dr. Zhana and I decided that the current level of scientific research on squirting isn’t enough, though! So we put together “the most detailed
survey on squirting… and put it out on the Internet, and hopefully we’ll get the largest sample of people so we can answer some of these questions,” said Dr. Zhana. And so far it’s working! We launched the survey yesterday morning and we already have more completed responses than all the previously published surveys on squirting combined. So it’s definitely the largest survey on squirting ever conducted. And this is just the beginning. 🙂

Visit to take the survey and help with our research. The survey is not just for active ejaculators, anyone and
everyone can take it, regardless of gender or squirting experience! After the survey, visitors get a free video that explains the current science of squirting, a 25% discount code for Dr. Zhana and I’s courses, we’ll show you survey results once we have them, PLUS we’ll keep you updated on an upcoming Live Squirting Research Playlab we’re planning!

To listen to the entire Savage Love podcast episode, visit

Want to learn more about squirting and how to help your partner squirt? Check out my Squirting course!

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