Time Out New York just featured me and some other awesome sex-positive people in New York City for our work!

I talk a bit about my Squirting PlayLab

What’s the most in-demand class you teach?
The most popular one I host focuses on female ejaculation. It sells out every time. It’s kind of fascinating to see a room full of strangers practicing this technique together. A lot of times, one person will orgasm, and then the rest of the group will follow. It just turns into a chorus of moans.

If you’ve never been to one of my live events, you might not have seen this type of group flow before! It’s a really intimate experience, and I feel so lucky to be in the room watching the sexual energy flow through the group.

As for how to get your girlfriend to do anal…as I tell Time Out, be good at everything else first! Or, for some practical skills, check out my Anal 101 video on PornHub! My channel just reached over one million views!