Maybe you read my last blog post about sending sexts that don’t suck (check it out here if you didn’t!) and wanted to dive deeper into the art of responding to nudes? Well you’re in luck because Ask Men focused specifically on this when they asked my advice for their article How to Respond to Nudes Like a Pro!

So you’ve received a nude, eh? You lucky boy, you! If you want to keep receiving more, though, and make sure your lover feels appreciated for their effort, you need to put some thought into your responses. This is not the time for “nice tits”.

“If they took the effort to send you a sexy pic, give them the effort back by responding quickly,” I told Ask Men. And then make sure to put in equal effort in what you say back! Give a sophisticated compliment, noticing the small details of what makes your lover so beautiful or anything special they made sure to include in their photo.

Want more juicy secrets on how to be a pro at receiving sexy photos? Check out the full article for the rest of my advice plus tips from others on the poetry of responding to nude pics!

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