Episode #56 – Squirting School

Squirting is really having a moment right now! My colleague Dr. Zhana and I have always been asked a ton of questions about squirting, or female ejaculation, so I was excited to join her and her colleague Joe on their podcast The Science of Sex this week!

There is very limited science on squirting, which Dr. Zhana recently sifted through extensively while working on our online squirting course that I launched recently to teach people how to squirt. So in this episode, Dr. Zhana and Joe did something a little different — instead of an academic researcher, they invited someone with an impressive amount of hands-on “research” when it comes to making vagina-owners squirt – me!

Just how many vaginas have I had an opportunity to try and make squirt? What’s my success rate? What’s my most reliable technique? This and so much more in the action-packed Episode 56 of the Science of Sex Podcast, where I share some of my top secrets and successes!

Oh, and want to help us learn more about squirting? Dr. Zhana and I recently put together the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey on squirting – head over to squirtingsurvey.com and take it! Anyone regardless of gender or squirting experience can take it!

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