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It’s been quite a journey giving up a successful fitness education career and diving into sex education professionally. Looking back at 2014, I was full of hesitation and fear of a life-altering career choice. But I can whole-heartedly say that attending the first Sex Geek Summer Camp and meeting Reid Mihalko gave me the confidence, life lessons,  and encouragement to be the sex educator I am today.

Because of Reid’s teachings, I am now more successful as a sex hacker than I ever was in my prior professional life. Plus, I LOVE my job. I wake up every day excited to do my job, to become better at my job, and feeling blessed to have a work life I truly love.

Sex Geek Summer Camp & Reid Mihalko taught me some key lessons…

  1. Finding my teaching style — I knew because of my dyslexia that writing would never be my strong suit, but Reid encouraged me to think outside the box, using videos and live classes to share my teaching because that was where I felt most comfortable and excelled.
  2. Find the right people — He also encouraged me to understand my own shortcomings and use those to build a team around me instead of trying to do everything myself. There’s a lot that goes into a sex education business, and none of us can do it entirely alone.
  3. Always be educating — One of Reid’s catchphrases at Sex Geek Summer Camp is the acronym A.B.E. – “Always Be Educating.” Rather than focusing on selling, Reid reminded me to focus on what my mission was: educating people on sex & pleasure. This is why I offer free sex hacks on my Pornhub channel, which has surpassed 6 million views and inspired me to create my courses to reach even more people.
  4. Remember the people I serve — Speaking of those people I reach, Sex Geek Summer Camp taught me to always ask myself: what do my students, my customers, need? And focus on content with that in mind.
  5. During one of my most difficult personal and career challenges, Reid also helped me make sense of the situation, learn from my mistakes, and be a better man. Reid went out of his way to not only support me, but to educate me and help me grow.

If you are someone who’s considering a career in sexual wellness or education, Sex Geek Summer Camp will help you find your unique gift and give you the business tools to make a good living out of this. It will encourage you to be the YOU that you want to share with the world. Head here for more information!

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