I get a lot of questions about anal play. Like, a lot. And besides recommending that you get good at everything else first, my second piece of top advice is that you follow the ranks of anal play and prep: rub, lick, finger, dick. Rub the outside of the anal entry to relax your partner and stimulate the surface nerves; lick their entrance with a good rim job; start slow and play with inserting fingers; then if all is enjoyable you can move up to putting your dick in, slowly. Lucky for you, Cosmo writer Jill Hamilton reached out to me recently for some pro-level rim job positions and we walk you through all the details.

My favorite positions, which filmmaker Erika Lust also mentions in the article, involve starting your rim job exploration in the shower. It’s a perfect time to get into the zone with some soapy caressing, and then move into touching and rimming. Doing it in the shower also helps calm the nerves of folks who get nervous about being hygienic with anal activities because you can use your finger to rub the area a little first with some soap and water.

I also talk positions that allow for other stimulation to add on to the rimming, because I think multi-sensory experiences are the key to some amazing sex. In the article we unpack positions that give easy access to touching breasts, genitals, generally caressing, or incorporating a toy for clitoral stimulation, all while keeping up your rim job fun.

Check out the article to see 5 Sex Positions That’ll Make You a Rim Job Pro!

And stayed tuned, because I’ve currently got plans to release an anal course in a few months!

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