Imagine walking into your next Swinger Party with complete confidence that the night is going to go great!

Everyone you talk to you get along with. You have more ‘options’ then you’ve ever had before. Even your partner is thanking you for crafting such a magical experience that you know will strengthen your relationship.

Those feelings of confusion, feeling out of place, not knowing what to say or how to start a conversation with that person you’ve had your eye on — are completely gone!

Sound impossible?

Not when you have ACCESS to 17 of the world’s best experts and industry leaders as part of the FIRST EVER WORLD LOVE SUMMIT! My friends John and Jackie of Openlove101 have spent the last 6 months diving deep into everything you need to know about open love, sex, swinging, and relationships.

They’ve covered so many different topics! From….

  • How to Dramatically Deepen your Relationships and Please One Another
  • What it means to ‘Be Right with Yourself’
  • Why using the right products for you matters
  • How to bring your ‘two’ lifestyles together so you don’t feel like your living double lives
  • Plus much, much more!

They’ve interviewed 17 industry experts, people like: Holli & Michael, Tess & Bob, Richard of Kasidie, Blac Cocoa, Angie & J, Taylor Sparks — AND ME! All to give you some amazing discussions and resources, all online and available to watch in the comfort of your home or listen to as mp3 files.

And the best part is the World Love Summit completely FREE to you for 5 days of access.

Grab your free ticket now!!

Can’t wait for you to join me there and learn how to unlock the secrets of successful open relationships!

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