I take great pride in the amount of sex toys I’ve tested and love, but there is one man who’s even more passionate about toys than me: my friend Grant Stoddard. Grant has been attending my workshops and writing about me for a while now, and that coupled with his love of trying new things means that he’s probably surpassed me in sex toys tried. At the end of the day, though, trying all those toys just means that we have our favorites, and Grant names his top three (one of which he found through me!) in his latest article for Men’s Health: “I’ve Spent 20 Years Testing Hundreds of Sex Toys. These Are the Only 3 I Still Use.”

I won’t spoil all of Grant’s suggestions, you should go read the article for that, but I will share the one we have the highest shared love for: the NJoy Pure Wand. Grant credits me as his first introduction to the toy, when at a squirting workshop I urged him to try it with his partner. To quote Grant on its effectiveness:

“That occasion was the first time that my girlfriend had ever squirted and—judging by the emphatic reactions all around us—it was the first time for all of the other women in the room, too.”

The Pure Wand is also amazing for men willing to try out prostate orgasms, which as Grant describes, “I had such an intense orgasm that masturbating without it hardly seems worth the effort.” Throw this into the category of ~the more you know~, because prostate orgasms are one of those amazing additions to your sex life that many men don’t know about.

Go check out the full article for the rest of Grant’s top three sex toys, and remember that sometimes it’s about choosing the best players, not the most, to assist with your game.

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