When it comes to female pleasure, there’s a lot of talk about different types of orgasms. There are many accounts from women who’ve had orgasms from stimulating their nipples, cervix, and even earlobes! But a lot of the conversation centers around internal and external orgasms, and whether every woman can experience both of these types.

Dr. James Pfaus (aka “The Vagina Doctor”) has done a lot of research about clitoral vs vaginal orgasms. In a recent episode of The Science of Sex (a podcast by my business partner, Dr. Zhana), Dr. Pfaus talks about historical perceptions of these two different types of orgasms, and what research tells us about them! If you like geeking about about sex, I suggest you read the whole study (it’s very understandable), and I suggest that everyone listens to the podcast, where Zhana and her co-host, Joe Pardavilia, ask Dr. Pfaus some questions that investigate a lot of long-held beliefs about female orgasms! Check it out at these links:

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iTunes (this link goes to the page for the whole show; the episode is called “Unlocking the Secrets of the Female Orgasm”)